The CMC Infantry Army is the front line unit in the war.

Marine female armor-concept-small


Like any mainline army, the CMC Infantry has served a multi-purpose role in the war.

Although they have existed for close to two thousand years, it was the war that saw the expanse of the Infantry to what it is today. With billions of enlisted soldiers scattered across the front lines of the war.

Due to the nature of the war, the Infantry is often deployed as a meat shield for larger, more important units. Often with thousands if not millions of Infantry personnel dying to achieve what is ordered.

In essence they are a disposable, blunt force used primarily to out number or "Out-survive" an opponent.

They are given cheap, mass produced armour and weapons and usually given only enough supplies for a single day, as their life expectancy is often far less than any other military unit.


Even considering the almost certain chance of death, recruitment continues to remain strong each Earth Year. Thanks to the propaganda to support the war, it is considered an honour to fight and die for humanity.


  • Close to a quarter of all Infantry deaths are a result of friendly fire. This is because if a bomber can annihilate a significant target with a carpet bomb but you and your entire squad are within the blast, the reward outweighs your life.
  • Infantry often think fighting alongside a Mech is a good thing, however they are far more likely to be crushed under the foot of a running Mech or caught in the blast of an explosive because you just happen to be too close to a God.
  • Although nearly a third of all Marines are female, less than 20% of the Infantry consists of women.
  • It is common for soldiers in the Infantry to throw themselves at lesser foes who take aim at a Mech in some pointless effort to protect the Mech.