The Central Military Command Marine Corps, or often CMC Marines, is a branch of the CMC Navy that is responsible for the protection of Naval Vessels and Orbital stations as well as high risk mission planetside.

Due to their increased training, skill, equipment and structure, the Marines are the largest elite ground and naval unit in use by the CMC. Their experience in combat and diverse abilities make them one of the CMC's most successful units.

Selected from Infantry who have survived at least three combat operations, or excelled in recruitment training, potential Marines are then brought to Orbital training stations where they are tested past their breaking point and reconstructed as the elite, rugged and adaptable Marine fighting force.

They consist two thirds male and one third female, the Marines are the most well respect fighting force in the Navy.


The CMC Marine Corps were formed during the early days of the second expansion to provide protection from pirates in the expanding human controlled space. Their history with the Navy is a long and deeply respected one.

When the war started the Marine Corps were expanded to recruit from standard infantry who had proven themselves.



Marines are provided with Semi-Powered Assault Armour, that aids in all forms of combat and provides the wearer with a number of advantages, these include;

  • The ability to survive for thirty minutes in a vacuum.
  • Electro-magnetic footwear to aid in Zero-G environments.
  • Minor Increases to speed and strength.
  • A full body self diagnostic suite if the user sustains an injury.
  • A number of chemical compounds that can be injected directly into the users spine in case of medical emergency or prolonged battlefield engagement.
  • A full diagnostic Visor Suite for use in low light, low visibility environments.
  • Squad and Platoon linked HUD's to aid in combat.


The Marine Corps has access to a vast array of military equipment and each soldier is often trained in almost every available weapon in use by the CMC.