The CMC Ranking system is similar to those of the various military groups of Pre-DeadLands Crisis factions.

Below are the Enlisted Personnel Ranks



Crewman Third Private Private
Crewman Second Private First Private First
Crewman Lance Corporal Corporal
Petty Officer


Corporal Sergeant
Petty Officer


Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer


Staff Sergeant Sergeant First
Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant Master Sergeant
Senior Petty Officer Master Sergeant Sergeant Major
Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major
Master Chief Petty Officer

Below are the Officer Ranks

Navy Marines Army NIA
Ensign Second Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant Ensign
Ensign Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Junior Officer
Warrant Officer First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Senior Officer
Senior Warrant Officer Captain Captain Warrant Officer
Junior Lieutenant Major Major Junior Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant Colonel Colonel First Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant Brigadier General Brigadier General Senior Lieutenant
Commander Major General Major General Commander
Captain General General Captain
Vice Admiral General of the Corps General of the Army Junior Director
Admiral Director
Fleet Admiral Director General
Supreme Fleet Admiral

Admirals and ranks above outrank both the General of the Corps and the General of the Army. This is the same for the NIA ranks of Director and Director General.

The Supreme Fleet Admiral cannot be outranked and assumes full control of the entire CMC and NIA.