The CMC Ravager Class Heavy is a class of Destroyer within the CMC Naval and is the largest Destroyer class in use by the CMC Navy. 


Like many military vessels, the Ravager Class was designed and produced with the joint purpose of keeping humanity under the control of the UPG through strength and to deter any raids from the growing number of pirate forces that had slowly been plaguing the outer colonies. 

Designed and built some time in the late 3000's, the Ravager Class primarily served as an escort vessel to colony fleets. However its massive size for a destroyer and incredible maneuverability and speed allowed it to easily surprise any greedy pirates. 

The class underwent a number of refits and minor redesigns over the 900 years before the start of the war. Due to this it did not need a refit for its role in the war due to its constantly updated technology and weaponry.

Some Ravagers are over a thousand years old by the time of the war. 

Military Roles

Like every Destroyer Class, the Ravager Class is designed to provide lethal firepower with combined speed and maneuverability.

Fast Attack

A semi-unique role for the Destroyer Class, its frigate-like speed and maneuverability allows the Ravager Class to strike an opponent often before they realize who their attacker is. Its combined firepower and armour allow for extended attack runs at close range to enemy vessels, often overwhelming enemy shields and crippling major systems before losing its own sheilds.

Fire Support

An obvious role for a vessel with high levels of firepower, the Ravager Class excels at providing high levels of firepower in almost any Naval Engagement. However their lack of any fighter/bomber hangars and lack of any significant point defense weaponry leaves them vulnerable to dedicated fighter/bomber attacks.