The CMC Remora Class is a Dreadnought class in use by the CMC Navy and is a limpet ship of Planet Killer Vessels.


In 3999 when the Planet Killer Class was introduced, the NIA began developing a specialised Dreadnought vessel to be a permanent escort to the Planet Killers. 

After close to 90 years in constant developement alongside the Planet Killers, the first shells began construction. At which point the Director General of the NIA decided that each Planet Killer would have two Remora's attached to its rear underbelly and be able to deploy at a moments notice. 

Military Roles

Every Remora class has one primary role, aiding its mothership in whatever means neccisary. 

However as a Dreadnought class they can fulfill a range of military roles. 

Fire Support

Like all Dreadnought classes, Remoras can provide extreme levels of fire support in any Naval battle. Their overwhelming weapon emplacements and thick armour allow them to remain in a fight longer than almost any other vessel. This is thanks in part to their 4 Oversized Wormhole Drivers. Which adds a further four Oversized Wormhole Drivers to the Planet Killers fleet, for a total of 16 OWD's when both Remora's are deployed. 

Due to their lack of fighter/bomber hangars, Remora's have to rely on other ships for fighter support. However their vast number of point defense guns mean that fighters and bombers pose little threat. 

Planetary Seige

Remora's, like all Dreadnoughts, excell at raining fire upon a planets surface. However due to Huamnities liking of their worlds, sieges are often few and far between.

Capital Ship

Due to their size, armour, shields and overwhelming firepower, Remora's are highly capable at fulfing the role of a Capital Ship within a fleet.