Captain Charlotte Winters is the leader of Reaper Squad and Captain of the CMC Pale Horse.

Early Life

Charlotte Winters was born on Titus in the year 4098 to Admiral Harkness Winters and First Officer Lucile Winters.

Being the youngest of three, Charlotte spent the first few years of her life fighting her two siblings for almost everything. Being treated more like a pet than a sibling. Such a strict military family meant that failure in school or combat training meant no food.

Much to her parents horror, Charlotte did not try and resist when the NIA came to take her. Instead she left without so much as a goodbye to her parents. This upbringing has made Charlotte into a cold and brilliant Pilot. Putting her ability and the ability of her team ahead of everything.

Military Life

Charlotte quickly began to excel in class and the courtyard due to her military upbringing. However it was her strategic and leadership skills that set her apart. She quickly developed a friendly rivalry with soon to be Commander John Russel. This rivalry developed over time into a unique relationship that has forged an inseparable pair. No matter how much they deny it.

She would quickly be assigned to team leader of Reaper Squad. Where she strived to make her team the number one squad. However the skill of Lucifer Squad would take the number one slot. Director General Lionheart made Lucifer Squad the number one not only due to their skill but also to make Captain Winters strive endlessly to be better.


Captain Charlotte Winters, like every other pilot, would gladly give her life for any of her fellow pilots. She differs in her confidence, outward mischievous nature and use of her sexuality to get her way. She is often one of the most talkative people in a room and never backs down from a fight. Be it with superior officers of her fellow pilots.

Public Appearance

Captain Winters is portrayed as a strong, independent Pilot with a heavy sex appeal and role model status. As well as being the estranged lover of Commander Russel. As their relationship is used to garner interest and devotion from the public too support the war effort.

She is often referred to as "The Iron Bitch" or more commonly "The Red Warrior". Her combat prowess and disposition has earned her both titles.


  • Charlotte often declares her dislike of both Russel Liquor Whiskey and White Russel Cigarettes. However she routinely shares Commander Russel's.
  • Her parents are a wound on her past. She quickly becomes agitated when she is compared to her father.
  • Winters has stated on several occasions that she would rather die than ever retire from the war.