Commander John Russel is a CMC Mech Pilot currently serving aboard the CMC Darwinia

Early Life

John Russel was born shortly before the turn of the millennium, several years after his sister and lived with his mother and father.

House Russel stands as one of the noble House's that still reside on Humanities homeworld of Earth. His father, Charles Russel is the current CEO of Russel Liquor, which began as a humble whiskey distillery but has grown into a commercial behemoth now producing high class luxuries for the elite.

John originally looked up to his father regardless of the lack of attention his father paid him, preferring to work rather than raise his children. After the NIA approached Charles about taking custody of both John and Livi for the Mech Program, John felt betrayed by his father and vowed never to continue the lineage of House Russel, prompting his father to cut his son from his will.

Military Service

Russel intended to live out his life in comfort and ease, letting his elder sister move into the spotlight. However upon being taken by the NIA, Russel vowed to excel in all aspects of his training.


  • Russel smokes White Russel Cigarettes despite having an aversion to his father's company.
  • Russel also primarily drinks Russel Liquor Whiskey, due to its popularity on the ship and his favor towards its smooth taste.