The UPG Credit is the primary form of currency in the milky way galaxy.


Credits can be spent via "Credit Chips" which are small, card like computers similar to an Old Earth Credit Debit Card.


Credit Chips are small rectangular "slivers" of computers with a Type 1 Synthetic Soul installed.

Every Credit Chip is bio metrically linked to its owner and makes use of highly directional visual displays to show its owner relevant information such as current balance, transaction history and recent income.

Known Costs

Item Cost Per Unit
Chariot Class Frigate 707 Million Credits
Sparta Class Heavy Frigate 707 Million Credits (Laid Down) 311 Million Credits (Refit)
Mars Class Destroyer 1.72 Billion Credits
Ravager Class Heavy Destroyer 30 Billion Credits
Normandy Carrier 13 Billion Credits
Ardent Supercarrier 32 Billion Credits
Caliber Class Cruiser 19.4 Billion Credits
Argent Super Crusier 40.3 Billion Credits
Remora Dreadnought 322 Billion Credits
Defender Dreadnought 192 Billion Credits
Avenger Capital 143 Billion Credits
Vengence Capital 237 Billion Credits
Preserver Class 477 Billion Credits
Planet Killer 1.77 Trillion Credits
Penumbra Class 2+ Trillion Credits
Thunderhawk T24 Fighter 20.1 Million Credits
Falcon MK28 Heavy Fighter 54 Million Credits
Bastion Tank 600 Million Credits
Mech Suit 190-270 Billion Credits
M77 Frag Grenade 25 Credits
Russel Liquor Whiskey 77 Credits (Standard)

67 Credits (Military)

White Russel Cigarettes 12 Credits (per Pack)
CafiCarb 1.5 Credits (330ml bottle)
CafiHot 1.5 Credits (330ml bottle)

Real World Similarities