One of the rarest pieces of technology in the CMC is the Experimental LHC Particle Cannon (Often referred to as "Hadron Cannon", "Large Hadron Cannon").

"If all else fails. If everything we have is on the line. If there is no other option but failure. No other option but certain death. I would still hesitate to fire it. " - Admiral Jessica Anderson


This is a massive highly unstable weapon currently in the "Design/Test" phase.

According to Section 7 of the NIA the LHC Particle Cannon is capable of destructive firepower unparalleled by anything Humanity has seen before.


Unlike other weapons used by the CMC, the LHC is almost completely untested. having only been officially fired once before but possibly fired twice.

NIA Section 7 officially fired a LHC Particle Cannon at a black hole somewhere in an uninhabited area of Human Controlled space. This was simply to test the weapons ability to fire, rather than its destructive ability. However the CMC and NIA have stated the weapons power fluctuates, meaning the damage done could do anything from destroy a ship, to crack an entire planet in half. Normally this would be a positive to the military effort, however after a reported 2.5 Million simulated tests, the LHC has a 1 in 100 chance of producing a Black hole at the point of impact. This has lead to the extreme caution in deployment of LHC weapons.


Currently only four LHC weapons are known to exist.

The Darwinia

The CMC Darwinia is one of the few ships equipped with a LHC. Due to its role of retaking previously HUman Controlled planets and pushing back the GOD Invasion

NIA Research Site F-01631

Currently the NIA's only "Test Facility" for the LHC Particle Cannon and one of the most top secret locations. The facility itself is located somewhere on the far edge of Human controlled space on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Somewhere near to a stable black hole.

This is also the only confirmed location for the firing of a LHC Particle Cannon

Other Deployents

The two remaining LHC Particle Cannons are fitted two two other Planet-Killer-Class starships.