The Interplanetary Defense Grid consists of over 100 weaponized stations situated across the Sol system to deter or prevent the destruction of Humanities Sol Fortress.

Wormhole Weaponry

The Interplanetary Defense Grid relies upon close to 400 Over-sized MKV Wormhole Drivers which are capable of destroying most targets in a single shot. However their massive power draw and slow reload speed mean that the stations that control them must be in constant communication to effectively stagger their shots to provide a continued barrage.

Overlapping Fire

Close to Earth are four Lagrange points in use by the CMC Navy.

Lagrange 1 and 2 are the location of two massive space stations, each powers four Over-sized MKV Wormhole Drivers which provide a near complete coverage of Earth.

At Lagrange 4 and 5 a number of Over-sized MKV Wormhole Drivers are located among the asteroids and listening outposts. Easily filling in any gap in the coverage of Earth.

Lagrange 3 is home to "Midway Station", a huge space station that serves as a repair, refuel and marketplace in the Sol System. However it also powers 10 Over-sized MKV Wormhole Drivers.

Beyond that is a number of secondary weapon platforms that provide a further overlap of fire.

The Interplanetary Defense Grid has an effective "Kill Zone" that reaches beyond Neptune.