One of the oldest and largest private companies in all of human history, KenX Industries is famed for its history and power.


KenX Industries was founded before the star of the DeadLands Crisis, even before Arcadia City was constructed.

During the DeadLands Crisis KenX Industries played a key part in its events and was used as a weapon by the son of its founder.

After the DeadLands Crisis KenX was hated by the remaining human population. However Harry Zemeckis realized its potential and the resources it had access to. He took control of the company and steadily began to rebuild what humanity had destroyed in the war.

KenX Industries eventually spearheaded the expanse into space and recolonization of Mars. Which divided many people who either believed humanity should focus on rebuilding, or that expansion from Earth was the best course of action.

Mars Founding

KenX Industries, under the use of House Zemeckis, constructed a number of shipyards and factories on Mars and terraformed the world into what it is today.

The massive shipyards in orbit around Mars have aided the CMC in the creation of dozens of fleets.

Dividing of the Houses

When the Houses divided, House Zemeckis was forced from the Sol System and with it went KenX Industries. Mars was taken for the war effort by the CMC.

KenX Industries was resettled in the Alpha Centurai system and soon became a power house of technological prowess and military strength.


Since the dividing KenX has slowly taken more and more control of Alpha Centurai System, more so than any other solar system.

It is clear to those who have visited the Alpha Centurai system that it is slowly gearing up for a seperation from the UPG and CMC.