Compiled here is a list of the legends, myths and stories that fill the Universe of The Projects

Task Force

Almost unknown to the outside world, the members of the elite anti terrorism group known simply as "Task Force" are envied throughout the CMC. Their ability to work outside of the law allows them to go to extremes only their foes would think off. To those that know of the task force and its duties, they are simply criminals with badges. Their lack of care for collateral damage or disregard for basic levels of human safety makes them a last resort team.

Section 28

Section 28 officially does not exist in any capacity. But as the saying goes, all myths are foundations for reality. Ever since the NIA was founded rumors have spread of its secret black ops section.


There is no greater legend than that of the Mech Pilots.

Their unparalleled combat abilities. Their unwavering determination. Their tactical brilliance. They are not humans, but are instead the next step in human evolution. Nature made better, enhanced to the very limits of the human body. They are like reapers on the battlefield. Moving with grace and purpose unmatched by any other human. When paired with their colossal Mech Suits there is no greater threat to a God.

From the darkest reaches of the furthest mining world to the sprawling mega cities of the inner colonies, there is no greater hero than a Pilot.

To the common civilian they are shrouded in mystery and speculation. To the top brass of the NIA and CMC they are a painful reminder of the lengths humanity is being forced to go to just to survive.

There is no greater foe than a Pilot and its Mech. A perfect blend of machine and man. Flesh and metal.

Two legends one legacy.