"They are the saviors of our species. Our last ditch effort to save all we have worked so hard to achieve. " - Fleet Admiral Ozpin

Lucifer Squad is sub-unit within the Mech Project. Stationed permanently aboard the CMC Darwinia. Their primary role in the war effort is the seeking out and destruction of GODs. Although being their primary duty, they usually take charge of Planetary Defense actions planet side when the Darwinia is stationed around a planet. They currently hold the highest GOD kill count of any Mech team.

Known Members

Lucifer Squad consists of three members.

Captain Harry Striker

Captain Harry Striker is the leader and primary in Lucifer Squad. He has held command throughout his entire career and subsequent formation of Lucifer Squad. Specializing in CQB combat and advanced Anti-GOD tactics. He currently holds the highest GOD kill count of any Mech Pilot.

Commander John Russel

Commander John Russel is the second in command of Lucifer Squad. Captain Striker's most trusted friend and adviser. Russel Specializes in Heavy Fire Support and acts as the Squad's weapons specialist.

Commander Olivia Russel

Commander Olivia "Livi" Russel serves as the teams long range artillery and battlefield technician.

Outside Opinion

Lucifer Squad is viewed widely as celebrities both in public and within the military. This is mainly due to their success and prowess in battle as well as their seemingly permanent first place on the Mech Team Leaderboard. Captain Striker also holds a seemingly permanent first place upon the Pilot Leaderboard.