The Naval Intelligence Agency is responsible for the internal monitoring of CMC branches, data and intelligence gathering for the CMC, propaganda and research and development of high risk projects and weaponry.

"Semper Vigilantes" - NIA Offical Motto

"The truth is too dangerous to speak" - Director General Grace Lionheart

Known Sections

NIA Section 0: Military Intelligence

NIA Section 0 is tasked with the gathering of information vital to the war effort. This includes enemy tactical analysis, threat level analysis, after action reports and combat analysis, to name a few. NIA Section 0 is one of the most widely known Sections and most frequently interacts with other CMC Branches.

NIA Section 7: Special Projects and R&D

Section 7 is tasked with the oversight of Special Projects such as the Mech Program. As well as continued Research and Development of technologies for the war effort.

NIA Section 14: Propaganda and Information

NIA Section 14 is tasked with the creation and distribution of Propaganda Materials and Information to the public. Usually to create continued support from the public and present the CMC in a golden light. Section 14 is the most well known section to the Public, many people assume the NIA is only Section 14.

NIA Section 21: Internal Affairs and Investigations

Section 21 is arguably the most feared by other CMC Branches, as Section 21 is tasked with conducting any Internal Investigations as well as Complaints or internal conflicts. Many within the CMC fear a visit from Section 21 would be the end of their career due to Section 21's ability to work independently of almost all oversight and adheres strictly to the laws set out by the CMC.

NIA Section 28: Black Ops (Officially Non-existent)

Section 28 by all records within the CMC simply doesnt exist. In reality however Section 28 is perhaps one of the largest reaching branches of the CMC. Having been responsible for dozens of assassinations of political targets, surgical precision of diplomatic and economic shifts of power. Working closely with the CMC Admiralty as an off the books group allows the Admiralty to control the United Planetary Government from behind the scenes. Section 28 is regarded as the CMC's own cloak and dagger in the ranks of the CMC, somewhat of a myth.