Project Hybrid, as its rather unimaginative name suggests, involves the hybridization of human DNA with animal DNA.


NIA Section 7 implemented Project Hybrid for a number of goals.

The main goal of Project Hybrid was to design and produce either a genetically augmented and intelligent animal fighting unit or a genetically augmented human. The former using an animal as the base for the weapon and the latter using a human.

Due to its highly illegal and unethical nature all research was done under the close supervision of NIA Section 28.

Neither goal was achieved and the project was ultimately shut down in the late 4060's. However the program was restarted with a different goal in 4110 under Project Sahelanthropus .

New Goals

The project was restarted by Director General Grace Lionheart who saw its potential to create a different type of Synthetic Soul using a hybrid.

The details of its use and what the exact goals are, are one of the NIA's closely held secrets. With not even Fleet Admiral Mountbatten knowing of its existence.