A Ranger of House Russel

Royal Guard of the House, or more commonly "Royal Guards" or "House Rangers", are a military branch of the CMC that has been given exclusively to one of the many Houses of Humanity. Although they are offically CMC personnel and selected from the CMC Marine Corps, they under the exclusive control of whatever House they are assigned to.

The Royal Guards of a house are called a Regiment, however that Regiment may be several thousand in number and consist of not only soldiers but Naval Officers, Medical personnel and other standard CMC Units.


Formed shortly after the Houses were formed, the Royal Guard has served as the primary bodyguards and personal military of every House.

The War

When the war began the Royal Guard was expanded. Any House could select any serving Marine or Naval Officer to be added to their Royal Guard, much to the anger of the CMC Marine Corps leaders.

This led to the Royal Guard becoming one of the most skilled soldier based units in all of the CMC.


The role of the Royal Guard groups is primarily to defend and serve the House they are assigned to. Even if this means sacrificing themselves or the lives of civilians.

However they have been known to act as a private military for their House.

Prominent Royal Guard Regiments

House Russel Regiment

The single largest and one of the best trained Royal Guard Regiments. Its size, strength and respect for civilians has made it one of the most famous Royal Guards.

House Zemeckis Regiment

When the Council of Lords divided and House Russel moved to Alpha Centuri, House Zemeckis removed every member of its Royal Guard and replaced the with KenX personnel.

House Zemeckis is the only House to use non-CMC personnel in its Royal Guard.