First Scene

Standard highrise apartment.

Kyle nods to john, engages silence mode on revolver. fires at the lock.

John kicks open door.

Kyle darts in, fires at two on right side table members.

John follows. takes out left table member.

"Rookie 1" shadowing Kyle. Rookie shoots member on the sofa.

Triss follows, shoots second on sofa. John kills "Single chair by sofa" member.

Kyle eliminates two members in right far corner. Kyle then hugs wall, opens bathroom door. Rookie rushes to bedroom door. front on.

John notices. Triss tells Rookie to wait.

Rookie opens bathroom door. side of head blows off across the door. Spin/fall into the dark room.

John and Triss open fire through wall. Kyle exits bathroom.

When rooms settled Kyle asks "What the fuck happened" to Triss. John enters the room and checks both are dead.

Kyle "is she alright?"

John flps body over. and Holds up Rookies eye. Wiggles it at kyle.

Triss: "Jesus"

Kyle: "More paperwork to add to the pile" wipes his face

John stands up and steps into the main room.

Kyle: "Sweep the room" Kyle gestures to right hand desk while walking to left side desk as Triss checks the gambling table.

John finds a Data pad on right side desk. List of names.

John: "Found something"

Data Pad displays an incomplete list of names. All with prices beside them. Some in red

John: "Looks like the MP is only the first to be assassinated."

Kyle sighs "Shit" while looking over Johns shoulder.

Second Scene

CMC Headquarters. Cane Woodsworth's office.

Kyle throws down datapad on Canes desk. John leaning in open doorway. Cane leans back in his chair looking at the list.

Kyle: "Looks like its going to be a long week."

John: "Clearly something larger is happening."

Cane raises his eyebrow and adjusts his glasses. Then stands up, takes his walking cane and walks towards the door.

Cane:"Detective" John then steps to the side. looking at Kyle confused.

As cane walks down the hall. Kyle steps into the doorway. "Also we're gona need a new rookie."

Cane, without looking. "I hope it wasnt you this time."

Third Scene

Continuing from the second scene. Cane walks down the hall to a pre-arranged meeting.

Cane enters the Council room.