The CMC Darwinia (VCN: CC-1809) is a Planet-Killer-Class Supercarrier of the CMC Imperial Navy and serves as one of its many Capital Ships. Like all vessels of her type she was refitted significantly upgraded from a Planet-Mother-Class Supercarrier some time after the God Invasion.


The Darwinia is close to five hundred years old and has served either the UPG or the CMC during her entire life.

Mech Operations

The Darwinia is home to a standard trio of Mech Squads. This consists of one "Attack" force, one "Defense" and one "Specialist" force.

Lucifer Squad

Lucifer Squad serves as the Darwinia's attack force. Preforming a variety of offensive roles on the battlefield.

Reaper Squad

Reaper Squad fulfills the role of the defense force aboard the Darwinia taking on the guarding of various strategic points on the battlefield of supporting pre-existing ground troops.

Dam Busters

The Dam Busters are the specialist force aboard the Darwinia. Acting as a "Siege Vehicles" on the battlefield, with the specific duty of destroying or penetrating GOD defenses or strategic emplacements.

Experimental Tech

The Darwinia is one of the few Planet-Killer-Class starships in the CMC that is outfitted with highly experimental technology.

Experimental LHC Particle Cannon

One of the rarest pieces of technology in the CMC is the Experimental LHC Particle Cannon (Often referred to as "Hadron Cannon", "Large Hadron Cannon"). The LHC has the potential to crack open a planet. However this has never been tested.

Note: uses fusion coil to power main thruster, as well as M drives