Although the term "Gods" refers mainly to the invasion force as a whole, the term officially refers to the highest caste of the alien group.

The Gods are near Celestial beings who, as far as Humanity knows, come from the Andromeda Galaxy.

In truth, the entirety of the God force stems from three siblings, often refereed to as "The Trinity". From them every single creature used by the Trinity or every other God appears to be either created or share DNA with the Trinity.

Never before has humanity found creatures greater, or closer to biblical era definitions of the word God. The Gods surpass humanity in every way from strength, intelligence size and technology. This is clear from their near unmatched ability in battle, knowledge of wormhole accuracy, ability to manipulate life and harvest entire planets in a matter of hours. Let alone traverse between Galaxies.

An Overwhelming Foe for an Overwhelming Empire

For hundreds of years the UPG and the CMC feared nothing but piracy. With millions of starships and trillions of enlisted officers, it was never postulated that there could be a foe able to beat the Human Empire.

Like all Empires of the past, a foe would present itself to challenge those who thought their power was limitless.

The Gods were one such foe. Their strength, technology and raw power outmatched even the most advanced CMC starships. For decades their assault on the Milky Way Galaxy went almost unopposed. However the CMC would eventually organize itself to form a defensive against the overwhelming odds.

For much of humanity, any enemy that can threaten an empire capable of destroying entire solar systems is the foe of nightmares.

The Trinity

What little information Humanity has gathered on the Gods has led to only some conclusions and many assumptions. What is clear is that the God Invasion is lead by three siblings. These siblings appear to be in total control of all God Forces within the Milky Way Galaxy, however if these siblings are the rules of their entire race or just a fraction of their race is still unknown. However it appears that the God forces in the Milky Way are only a single part of what might be a far larger empire in the Andromeda Galaxy.

A Dark Truth

Many scientists within the CMC, NIA, UPG and private organisations have studied all aspects of the God Invasion and have come to the conclusion that the God forces are either poorly organised or hold such arrogance in their power that a better display of force is not necessary.

The strength, size and technology that constitutes the God forces could, certainly under basic observation, should be overwhelmingly capable of systematically clearing the Milky Way Galaxy of all human life. However it is instead used as though the Gods enjoy a long drawn out fight.

This realization has made the God forces both less intelligent and yet more terrifying.