The CMC Morningstar (VCN: DFC-1710) is a Defender Class Dreadnought in service of the CMC Navy and capital ship of the Fleet of Retribution.


The Morningstar is the last Defender Dreadnought to be constructed from a family of one hundred new Defenders constructed in the past twenty years.


Thanks to its young age, The Morningstar is outfitted with a number of upgrades from its sister ships. These include;

  • Titanium G7 armour as opposed to G5.
  • 22 more Shield Generators than the standard 55.
  • 2 Over-sized MKIV Wormhole Drivers, a first for any Defender Dreadnought.
  • A state of the art nuclear power plant.

Standard Defenders are prized for their survivability and firepower. However The Morningstar is able to survive more, and deal more damage than her older sisters.

Although it completely lacks any ability to enter a planets atmosphere or provide any kind of planetary support, its extremely powerful array of weaponry more than makes up for its flaws.

Fleet Admiral Cornelia Russel has made several alterations to her vessel, these come in the form of a centralized living quarters at the heart of the vessel for her daughter and a number of private escape pods in case of emergency.

Military Role

The Morningstar serves the unusual role of the Capital Ship of its own fleet.

Ship-to-Ship Combat

Unlike most fleet capital ships, The Morningstar is able to lead its fleet from the front and engage the enemy ships without support.

Its Captain, Fleet Admiral Cornelia Russel, often commands her vessel head first into any fight. Preferring to draw any enemy fire away from her fleet. Thankfully her ship is designed to take more of a beating than even a Planet Killer vessel.


The Morningstar actually belongs to, was constructed by, and designed by House Russel.

Cornelia's father had had enough of the risks involved and being her second near death experience, he had The Morningstar constructed at House Russel's Shipyard over Mars. With a number of design improvements over its usual design. These include;

  • Better allocation of armour across the ship.
  • Reinforced structure and hardpoints.
  • Full 360 degree firing arcs for its Turbo-Lasers and Rail Guns
  • Fast deployment hangars for its fighters/bombers.
  • Complete restructure of the internal construction to increase efficiency.
  • Shielded internal components.
  • Four type 2 Synthetic Souls for increased efficiency.
  • State of the art oversized Nuclear Power Plant that in theory can power two Defenders at once.
  • Additional escape pods.
  • A continuous beacon connected directly to the Datapads of Charles Russel and his aids.
  • An advanced cyberwarfare suite.
  • Staffed entirely by House Russel Royal Guards.