The Sol Fortress comprises of several systems of defense for the entirety of the Sol System. These include Ground-to-Orbit Cannons, geosynchronous weapons platforms, the Interplanetary Defense Grid and two massive fleets.



Shortly after the start of the Human-God war NIA Section 7 proposed the idea of a massive defensive grid to protect the Sol System in the event of an Invasion. Although primarily met with heavy resistance due to the costs, the concept was approved after a two day meeting of the CMC Admiralty. The plans were accelerated after it became apparent that Humanity was drastically unprepared for a Galaxy wide war.


After just two years the first Ground-to-Orbit cannons were brought online on both Earth and Mars. These cannons, roughly the size of a CMC Frigate, were then built on every colonized celestial body in the Sol System.

The Ground-to-Orbit cannons were then pushed to a last line of defense after the construction of the Interplanetary Defense Grid and the Orbital Cannons stationed on the Dyson Rings over Mars and Europa.

Formation of the Home Fleets

After the refitting and re-purposing of the Planet Mothers into Planet Killers the Home Fleets were formed to be permanently stationed in the Sol system.

Lucifer's Right Hand and Lucifer's Left Hand were formed with three Planet Killer CLass Starships within each fleet, accompanied by dozens of Destroyers, Cruisers and hundreds of Frigates.


Initially the Sol Fortress was deemed a necessary addition to the Sol System. but after the formation of the Home Fleets it garnered a great deal of opposition due to the sheer number of ships stationed within the Sol System rather than used to fight the war.