The United Planetary Government (UPG)is the centralized government of all human controlled space.



Although the war has taken its tole on the Galaxy, the overall economy has grown since the initial decline at the start of the war. Leading to great prosperity throughout the human controlled space.


The currency of the UPG is officially the Standard Credit. Usually shortened to "Credit". The introduction of the credit came about during the formation of the UPG to further unite the Human colonies.

Cost of Resources

Due to the massive expansion of human controlled space, the standard cost of most basic resources is incredibly cheap. Materials such as ores, water, biological material and fuel are drastically cheaper than the past. This has allowed the rapid and cheap construction of previously extremely expensive ships, weapons, buildings and space stations.

Real World

During the GOD war 1 Standard Credit is worth roughly $1.34 or £1 in the real world.